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People who holiday by coach love to travel but want to bypass the hassle of planning routes, booking hotels and fnding tickets for attractions along with the stress of wrong turns and honking horns as you get lost on unfamiliar roads. Aboard a touring coach there’s no worrying about speed cameras, you don’t have the problem of finding a parking space and you don’t have to shell out for the exorbitant cost of flling your car’s tank. Coach travel is very much in vogue these days and you may well have watched the popular Channel 4 series, Coach Trip and realised this is the life for you. Coaching is a greener, safer, more economic and enjoyable way to travel – especially in times of concerns about fossil fuel usage. A recent nationwide poll by the Coach tourism Association showed that 92% of coach travellers said they will continue to book coach tours whilst 40% of people who have yet to try a coach holiday said they were eager to give it a go.

Coaching presents the opportunity to discover off the beaten track places both in the Uk and abroad that air travellers often miss out on. explore ancient castles, sink your toes into a secluded sandy beach, visit iconic cities, stroll through history in medieval towns, admire the flowers in leafy countryside or be awestruck by glorious cathedrals and natural wonders.
You can even experience several thrilling destinations on one amazing tour. for example, on one of
GLENTON’S continental tours you can pack Venice, Verona and lovely lake Garda into an irresistible getaway.

Coach travel has come a long way since bygone days of bone-rattling buses with no facilities and the dubious pleasure of sharing a room with a stranger! new coaches cost upwards of £250,000 so nowadays, you step aboard a state-ofthe-art vehicle with comfortable seats, generous leg room, climate control and panoramic windows as well as an onboard restroom should nature call. Itineraries are carefully designed to make the most of your holiday time and some coaches like GLENTON and GLENTON PALMER’S Select range feature onboard satellite navigation on screen so you can follow the route and know where you are at any given time. In addition, your vantage point above the hedgerows and other traffc means you have the best view of the passing scenery. GLENTON and GLENTON PALMER even provide an onboard welcome pack with refreshments and travel items to make your journey even more relaxing.

Then there’s the convenience of joining your holiday locally with pickups in locations across Scotland, the north east of england and Yorkshire, saving you both time and money. even better, some of our getaways include a Door to Door* service so your holiday starts from your own home.

Coaches also take you right to your hotel, avoiding the additional expense of taxis from an airport or train station. What’s more, GLENTON and GLENTON PALMER’s buying power mean we pass on great deals so you stay in excellent hotels and visit landmark attractions for a fraction of the price an independent traveller would pay. Hotels are carefully chosen by our products team and range from family-owned seaside ‘home from homes’ to four star properties by well established chains with superb leisure facilities. All in all, coach holidays offer outstanding value for your holiday pound. travelling with like-minded people who bid you a friendly good morning, chat about the day’s events over dinner and soon become friends is another huge tick on the coach holiday checklist. As is knowing everything is taken care of leaving you free to relax and take in the sights.



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